Pathways & treatment regimes

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Session Summary

The session covers a brief history of Ambulatory Care and how it progressed through the years. Criteria to become an Ambulatory Care patient and the treatment regimens that is delivered in UCLH Ambulatory Care. The admission pathway. An example of a regimen will be discussed as well as the common issues encountered whilst patient is receiving treatment and how these were overcome.
A conclusion was included to finish the session.

Amy Colada

Adult Ambulatory Care Lead, University College London Hospital-Macmillan Cancer Centre

Born and studied nursing in the Philippines
Worked in the Intensive Care Unit at Manila Doctors Hospital
Migrated to the UK in 2002 and started working at UCLH Haematology Unit
Currently the lead of Adult Ambulatory Care Unit
Independent Nurse Prescriber

Area of expertise:
Chemo registered, stem cell infusion registered, CAR T trained, venepuncture & cannulation