Managing patients at home or at other settings

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Session Summary

  • Patient groups and their common supportive needs.
  • Advice given and assessments to ensure they are well enough to remain on the ambin pathway.
  • Individualised care and how we cater for these patients.
  • Phone assessments to ensure they are well when not due to come onto the unit. Impact of covid and how this has changed our ambin unit.

Aisling Grant

Ward Sister Bud Flanagan West Ward & Ambin, Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton

I trained to be a nurse in Ireland and worked there as a staff nurse for a few years. Before moving to the UK, I spent a year in Australian on a WHV where I continued working as a nurse while travelling. I began my NHS career in the Royal Marsden by doing the rotation programme. This gave me the chance to move around the trust to experience the different specialities within this already specialised hospital. My heart set on haemato-oncology where I returned and gained further experience in nursing transplant patients and everything that comes with it, I moved from senior staff nurse to junior sister of ambin and am now Senior sister of the Bud Flanagan West unit which includes Ambin and Bud West inpatient ward.