The role of the Pharmacist in Ambulatory Care

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Session Summary

An overview of how the pharmacist is an important part of the Ambulatory Care MDT. The presentation will cover all aspects of the pharmacist role including setup, clinical oversight & validation as well as contributions to governance and medicines safety.

This will include real life examples of a well-established ambulatory treatment unit in operation at a large tertiary cancer centre and demonstrate that challenges can still present even in an experienced unit but more importantly how those challenges are overcome.

Finally we will cover the more practical elements of creating and administering a new or existing regime into the ambulatory setting.

Russell Kaye

Clinical Pharmacy Team Leader, Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Qualified as a pharmacist in 2012 and undertook a 3 year rotational foundation programme at Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Started working in Haematology in 2015 - spending 2 years as Advanced Clinical Pharmacist for Bone Marrow Transplant

Became a team leader for the Pharmacy Cancer Services Team in April 2018. Oversee a team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians providing Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy to patients from the city of Leeds as well as the surrounding region.